Monday, February 23, 2015

Styling with Vintage Furniture & Decor

Vintage has been an up and coming style in the wedding world for some time now.  It gives purpose to all those great antiques many of us love and allows them to assist in creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day.  However, styling with vintage furniture and decor can be tricky. You don't want people walking into your venue thinking they just stepped into grandma's hoarder filled attic.  Below are some of the ways we avoid the vintage decor overload.

Start with the big pieces.  Create cozy, romantic lounge areas for guests to relax during cocktail hour or rest their weary, dancing legs.  Stick with a themed color palate and let the furniture do the talking.

This sweet little seating area makes for a great photo op as well as a great place to chat with guests.

Go monochromatic in an area that is so full of green space.  The contrast will really make the furniture shine.
Focus on the furniture by only adding a few accents.  Rugs, small floral pieces, and a phonograph are great compliments to this jewel toned seating area.

Need tables?  Think outside the box with other large pieces.  Buffets or even large wood planks on logs are great for serving up your tasty treats.

Create depth and more serving space by adding height with vintage cake plates, wood crates, drawers, and log rounds.
Vintage door knobs with themed cards work great for labeling flavors.
A piece with a built in chalkboard for sending a message to your guests couldn't be sweeter.

After that, move on to the details that speak to you.  Add pieces that represent a part of your personality or past.  Little bits and bobs that really make you smile, will make others smile too.  Just remember not to overdo it.

Do double duty with a cool, vintage bicycle that also gives your guests a heads up of where to find the party.
Welcome guests with an adorable custom sign and a unique vintage piece like this child's fire truck wagon.
Trunks are great pieces to use when styling with vintage decor.  Stack a few at the entrance with a beautiful bouquet, a typewriter, and a card basket to add a special touch of old romance.  Bonus if your typewriter works, invite guests to type love notes for the new couple.

A vintage themed wedding can go in many directions.  Romantic, rustic, rock and roll, and simplistic to name a few.  It's versatility makes it one of our favorite styles and an incredibly large part of our rental collection.  

Side note:  All the pieces shown above are available for rent (along with many others).  Gives us a call to check them out.

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