Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bachelorette Party Basics

Everyone knows that the wedding is the big show, but why not have a little fun before the main event.  Give the bride a chance to stop fretting over seating charts and floral arrangements and allow her to cut loose for a night or two with a stellar bachelorette party.  Of course, nobody wants to follow any rules at a bachelorette party, so let's just call these "tips" to a successful night of mayhem and fun.

Hosting:  Generally the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids are in charge of festivity arrangements, but it really could be any close friend or relative that is up for the task.

Guests:  Who to invite is always a good question for the bride.  You don't want great aunt Margaret showing up at a party that is better suited for a lady half her age.  Keep the list short.  It is much easier to manage a party intended for close friends and family when the numbers are small.  We recommend staying under twenty.

Date:  Pick a date that works best for the bride and bridal party schedule.  At least 2-3 nights before the wedding.  No need for a Hangover Holly at the wedding.

Budget:  Depending on your plans for the party, the hostess will often ask attendees to chip in on the cost.  A trip to Vegas is obviously expensive, but a party at home can add up quickly too.

Have a plan:  Lay out the night with activities that are suited to your bride and don't be too strict with your schedule.  Allow everyone (including yourself) to relax and have fun by keeping your itinerary loose.  If you have something planned, like a concert or dinner reservations, that requires everyone to be on time be sure all guests are aware that the party waits for no woman.

Make it memorable:  The bachelorette party is the bride's last hurrah as a single lady, take advantage.  Create a theme, take lots of pictures, make the bride stand out, play games and leave the bride with a memento from the night.  Do all of these with the brides interest and comfort level in mind.  If dressing in a crazy costume and asking strangers random questions isn't her thing, go for cute dresses and an evening of martinis at a classy bar.  

Be safe:  It is not your job to play mother to everyone at the party, so plan ahead for rides home and let the guests know what time the party will wrap up.

If all of this still seems overwhelming or you just want some fresh ideas to treat your bride to an incredible party, give us a call.  It's fun for us too to let loose a little and help a girl with her "Last fling before the ring".

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