Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Into the Woods Fairytale Photo Shoot

We are so excited to be sharing this shoot with all of you!  You could say, it is our take on Into the Woods.  (Sidenote:  If you haven’t seen it, you should go immediately.  Well, after you view all our beautiful photos, of course.)  Among some great collaborations, were some great ideas, including a more glamorous take on a barn wedding.  Our head table, featuring Snow White, set the mood for a rich in color and high on romance wedding.  We gave many nods to features in her story.  The apples, mirrors, and blue linen all played a part.

Continuing forward with the theme, we wove in other fairytales to add depth and texture. Each guest table was themed with a different story.  Beauty and the Beast: complete with the rose, cloche, candlestick and clock.  

Little Red Riding Hood: grandma's house, wolf (sadly, not Johnny Depp) and red linen with basket.

Alice in Wonderland: pocket watch, white rabbit, mushrooms, eat me/drink me treats and a hookah.

Brier Rose: story book and thorny rose.

The table ideas were endless, but we had to cut ourselves off at some point.  The seating chart was drawn up on book spines and fitted with book ends that resembled pumpkins,a la Cinderella.

The guest lounge area included a light blue chaise, hand crafted pumpkins, a glass slipper, and a hand painted mirror that read "Once Upon a Time". 

The guest book area was another nod to Beauty and the Beast with a "Be Our Guest" book and a gorgeous stained glass mirror.

Our amazing cake was adorned with 2 little birdie helpers, just as they helped with Cinderella's dress.

Not to be forgotten was one of my favorite parts, the candy bar.  The story of Hansel and Gretel gave itself perfectly to a candy bar complete with the witch’s dangerously, tempting candy house.

The vendor collaborations on this shoot were incredible.   Tina's Barn (location), Brides for a Cause (gowns), Pollination Flowers (floral), Twist (jewelry), Royce's Prop Shop (drapery), Hot Skwash (mushrooms, acorns, and pumpkins), Custom Cakes NW (cake and cookie favors), Aralani Photography (photography), Mode Du Jour (modeling, hair, and makeup) A Vintage Soiree (dinner service rentals and decor items), Argyle (champagne), Willamette Valley Vineyards (wine).  To show our appreciation and their amazing work we will spotlight each one throughout the next 2 weeks.  Enjoy and remember to be careful when going into the woods!

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