Thursday, January 15, 2015

SPOTLIGHT (Into the Woods): Photos and Flowers

We cannot gush over these two vendors enough.  They played such an integral part of our Fairytale shoot, we had to feature them first.

Obviously, you cannot have a photo shoot without photos, but having a photo shoot with Aralani was truly amazing.  Her vision, her ideas, and her willingness/openness for every shot cannot be measured.  There is a quality and richness in her pictures that bring everything to life.  Photos carry the incredible quality of memory and moments.  Both of which have been mastered by Aralani Photograpy.

Every time we style a shoot, a bridal show or a wedding, one of our biggest concerns is flowers.  Flowers add so much to the mood you are trying to establish and Katie at Pollination, she totally gets it.  Not only is she super easy to work with, she is super talented.  Her designs bring color, vibrancy, whimsy, and beauty to the typical arrangement.  The photo shoot was our first experience working with Pollination Flowers and we could not have been more pleased with her designs.

Coming Soon:  SPOTLIGHT (Into the Woods): Location and Draping

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