Thursday, October 16, 2014

Surviving the Bridal Show Overload

Aaahhh, bridal show season is upon us.  A magical place filled with photo ready photographers, experienced designers, luscious cakes, and culinary delights.  In a world overloaded with vendors, how do you choose the right one?  How do you make it through a bridal show without being bombarded by all the options?   Next to a monster of a mother-in-law, too many options can be a bride’s worst enemy.  So, before you get too overwhelmed, let us bestow upon you 8 tips to conquering a bridal show with ease.

1.  Research:  Check out the website for the show you will be attending.  Who are your main targets?  What questions do you have for them?  If there is a vendor you have not booked yet (a DJ perhaps), be sure to check out a few options to get the right fit for you.

2.  Pre-register:  Huge time saver!  Pre-registering will guarantee your ticket(s) into the show and save you the time of filling out all your information at the door.  Bonus:  Many shows offer incentives for pre-registration.

3.  Create a wedding email:  If you haven’t done so already, create a temporary wedding email.  Free emails are available through many outlets, i.e. Gmail, hotmail, yahoo.  Feel free to register for all those door prizes and discounts without the worry of clogging up your regular email account.

4.  Dress Comfortably:  Put on your comfy flats and your stretchy pants.  Catering, bartending, and cake vendors will almost always have samples to share with you.  Why not try them all?  Besides, a decent amount of walking is often involved, so you won’t have to worry about those few extra calories.

5.  Take notes and take your time:  Every vendor is there for you.  They want to answer your questions and potentially gain your business.  Know ahead of time what you are looking for and if you are unsure, let them know.  Take notes on the vendors that you really connected with and mark down the tasty treats that wowed you.   

6.  Ask about availability:  Many vendors book up fast.  If you already know your wedding date, be sure to ask those you are interested in if they are available before you get in too deep and end up heartbroken. 

7.  Book it:  If you have found the perfect vendor for you, book it.  Often times they will offer a discount for booking at the show.  Don’t be afraid to ask for it either.  Be sure you have your checkbook or credit card along to secure your date.

8.  Have fun:  Getting married is an amazing event.  Take your time, check out every booth, and enjoy the day.