Friday, January 30, 2015

12 Creative Personal Touches for your Wedding

It can be so easy for a couple to get lost in all the ideas and possibilities of planning.  You'll find that everyone has an opinion, ideas are endless, and your wedding Pinterest board suddenly has 511 pins on it. Yikes!!  Keeping your sanity in tact and your love story at the forefront can be as easy as sharing bits of your personality in meaningful and special ways.  Below are our 12 favorite ideas for not getting lost among the idea overload.

1.  Share your interests:  Whether you want to share a piece of your love story or a common interest, remember to be bold and not shy away from what makes you two so darn great.  If it's your love for rock music that brought you together, than why not make it a common thread to the day.

2.  Family heritage:  As important as it is to share what brought you together, it is just as important to share where you came from.  Share your heritage with guest through food, music, or decor.  Plus, it'll make your grandma real happy!

3.  Remember your loved ones:  Getting married is an emotional experience, made even more emotional when someone dear to our hearts is no longer with us.  Remember them in a big way with a memory wall or chair.  Both are great ways to keep the important people close on such a special day.

4.  Old, new, borrowed, blue:  So maybe wearing your mother's wedding dress isn't really your thing.  That's okay.  Incorporate other parts of it into your big day with a charm pin that holds all your old, new, borrowed, and blue.  Still not your thing?  Try getting creative with cocktails.


5.  Signage:  There are many, many signs out there that can reflect a couples personality.  There is no right or wrong in the signage game.  Share your favorite quote, vows, or even a silly one liner. However you may be feeling on your big day, say it with words.

6.  Seating charts:  Seating arrangements can be a daunting task for many couples.  Aunt Sheila won't sit by crazy uncle Larry because he's a little 'handsy' when he drinks.  You know the one; we all do.  Relieve some of that stress with a fun and interactive seating chart that corresponds with your table centerpieces.  Favorite fairytale books, like the ones below are a great way to share a piece of you.  Bonus: They are excellent conversation starters!

7.  Food:  Now that your guests are seated, they might as well eat.  If a formal dinner isn't your thing, don't sweat it.  Serve up something more casual or have the dinner catered from your favorite restaurant.  Don't forget the options for signature cocktails or late night snacks like these mini tacos and margaritas.  YUM!


8.  Favors:  The possibilities for favors have become endless.  From sharing your favorite candies or treats at a candy bar to handing out wine with your photo on it, favors can really express the kind of couple you are together.  Try wrapping your guests in these cozy blankets with an embroidered reminder of your big day.


9.  Cake:  Besides picking the flavor(s) that most appeal to you, show some personality with your cake topper.  Whether you are goofy, serious, classic or rustic there is a cake topper for you.  Think outside the box on this one.  Most anything can serve as "the cherry on top" of your perfect cake.


10.  Guest book:  In the whirlwind of your big day, it is often hard to remember who was there to share it with you.  Forego the traditional book that will sit in a storage box never to be seen again for an inventive "book" that can double as art for your home.

11.  Instagram hashtags:  With social media at a high, take advantage of it to share your day with people near and far.  Create a hashtag on Instagram for all the iphone photographers at your wedding to share their experience.  It's always fun to see another persons point of view and you'll get your photo fix while you wait for the professional pictures.  #savvysistersincrockedmywedding


12.  Schedule to your likes:  Amid all the possibilities and fun ideas, don't forget to schedule the day to what suits you best.  If you aren't up for cocktail hour, skip it.  If an afternoon ceremony in your back yard followed by lawn games and fun music is more your thing, then go for it.  There are no rules.  The day is yours to be made 'marry'.  

Sunday, January 18, 2015

SPOTLIGHT (Into the Woods): Cake, Bubbles, & Wine

We really should rename this blog, "The Good Stuff".  Tasty treats are often at the forefront of our minds, which means, they are always involved when planning any event; and since we live/work in wine country, we absolutely had to incorporate some of the local samplings into the shoot and maybe try a sip or five.

Custom Cakes
Cake.  Not many words can be uttered on their own and make you more excited.  This is especially true if you are speaking of Renae and Custom Cakes.  When you start to hear phrase like, "scratch recipes" and "fresh quality ingredients", you know you've hit the baked goods jackpot.  Her cakes are incredibly tasty. From wedding cakes to cupcakes to favors and desserts, Custom Cakes has you covered with over 27 years of experience.

Argyle Winery
So we have to admit, bubbles is another word that gets us pretty excited.  Located in Dundee, featuring world class wines, Argyle Winery is one of the best around.  The shoot featured one of our favorite sparkling wines, the Argyle Vintage Brut.  We highly recommend stopping in the tasting room to give it and many other fabulous bottles a try.

Willamette Valley Vineyards
Established in 1983, Willamette Valley Wines has put in the hard work and determination to craft some of the best wine around.  Named "One of America's Great Pinot Noir Producers" by Wine Enthusiast Magazine is just one of their many accolades and featuring one of those incredible Pinot Noirs may have been our smartest decision.  Don't wait until you are in the area to drop by their tasting room, make a trip there now and soak up the amazing view, as well as, the wines.

Spotlight features are our way of showing gratitude to everyone involved.  Sharing their names and talents with you, as they have shared them with us, is a true blessing.  We cannot say enough about all the vendors that participated in this shoot.  We thank all of them for their participation and we thank all of you for going "Into the Woods" with us.

SPOTLIGHT (Into the Woods): Decor and Design

This spotlight quite possibly features the best part of our job.  Decor and design are fundamental when creating a mood for any event and finding a fun piece is always a thrill.  The following vendors have so many exciting items to share, they will send you into a frenzy.

Hot Skwash
Of course we couldn't feature Cinderella in our shoot without a magical pumpkin.  In our search for something magical, we came upon much, much more.  Pumpkins, squash, mushrooms and acorns all designed to be show stoppers.  Naturally, we had to have them.  Hot Skwash creates velvet pumpkins, squash, and much more using recycled stems from their real life counterparts.  Visiting their operation was a true delight. From lush fabrics to shiny crystals and countless design ideas, Hot Skwash is creating something special and magical for every decorating need.

A Vintage Soiree
For many reasons, vintage rentals are one thing that make our hearts go pitter-patter.  Providing the shoot with various dishes and many other little vintage beauties, the ladies at A Vintage Soiree were partners in our search for great decor.  Not only did they provide the dinner service rentals and some decor items, they also styled the beautiful Briar Rose guest table.  Special bonus, they are super fun!

Savvy Sisters Inc.
It's obvious we coordinated and designed the shoot, but did you know we also do rentals?  Offering a full spectrum of eclectic rentals is one of our finer features. *wink, wink*  For this shoot, we pulled some of our favorite pieces from various collections.  Crates and barn wood tables from the Rustic, Cinderella's chaise and marble top tables from the Victorian, mirrors and other lovely, little items from a variety of collections.  In addition to planning, design, styling, and rentals, Savvy Sisters Inc. also provides hand painted custom signage, just like our Once Upon a Time mirror.  The sky's the limit when it comes to customizing your event.

 Coming Soon: SPOTLIGHT (Into the Woods):  Cake, Bubbles & Wine

Saturday, January 17, 2015

SPOTLIGHT (Into the Woods): Beauty, Jewels, & Dresses

The next three featured vendors could be considered the holy trinity for most brides.  Providing personalized, quality products and care, these three will definitely treat you right for your big day.

Mode Du Jour
Hair and makeup are always a top concern for any bride.  You want to look your best, but still look like you.  Erienne is talented, understanding, and extremely gracious when it comes to satisfying her clients.  No matter the look you are going for, she and her crew will handle it with ease.  They will make sure you are the knockout you're intended to be.  Not only did Mode Du Jour provide incredible hair and makeup to our models, they were the models!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Erienne and Danielle.

Whether you are searching for the perfect accessory to your gown or a unique engagement ring, Twist is where your search should begin.  Priding themselves on personal relationships with every designer and artist, Twist brings one of a kind, hand crafted jewels and accessories to their clients. The minute you step into the store, you know you've come upon something special.  From the adorable gold mice to the jaw-dropping vintage engagement ring, our shoot sparkled with their incredible products.

Brides for a Cause
Since searching for the perfect dress is something most brides do, why not search at a location that raises funds for charity?  Partnering with Wish Upon a Wedding, they are dedicated to granting weddings and vow renewals for couples facing terminal illnesses and serious life-altering situations. Perusing through the aisles and aisles of dresses may have been the most fun we had planning this shoot.  We found the perfect princess gown, bridesmaid dress and even a flower girl dress to compliment the shoot.  Brides for a Cause lets you can shop without pressure and feel extra good about finding that perfect dress.

Coming Soon: SPOTLIGHT (Into the Woods):  Decor and Design