Friday, January 30, 2015

12 Creative Personal Touches for your Wedding

It can be so easy for a couple to get lost in all the ideas and possibilities of planning.  You'll find that everyone has an opinion, ideas are endless, and your wedding Pinterest board suddenly has 511 pins on it. Yikes!!  Keeping your sanity in tact and your love story at the forefront can be as easy as sharing bits of your personality in meaningful and special ways.  Below are our 12 favorite ideas for not getting lost among the idea overload.

1.  Share your interests:  Whether you want to share a piece of your love story or a common interest, remember to be bold and not shy away from what makes you two so darn great.  If it's your love for rock music that brought you together, than why not make it a common thread to the day.

2.  Family heritage:  As important as it is to share what brought you together, it is just as important to share where you came from.  Share your heritage with guest through food, music, or decor.  Plus, it'll make your grandma real happy!

3.  Remember your loved ones:  Getting married is an emotional experience, made even more emotional when someone dear to our hearts is no longer with us.  Remember them in a big way with a memory wall or chair.  Both are great ways to keep the important people close on such a special day.

4.  Old, new, borrowed, blue:  So maybe wearing your mother's wedding dress isn't really your thing.  That's okay.  Incorporate other parts of it into your big day with a charm pin that holds all your old, new, borrowed, and blue.  Still not your thing?  Try getting creative with cocktails.


5.  Signage:  There are many, many signs out there that can reflect a couples personality.  There is no right or wrong in the signage game.  Share your favorite quote, vows, or even a silly one liner. However you may be feeling on your big day, say it with words.

6.  Seating charts:  Seating arrangements can be a daunting task for many couples.  Aunt Sheila won't sit by crazy uncle Larry because he's a little 'handsy' when he drinks.  You know the one; we all do.  Relieve some of that stress with a fun and interactive seating chart that corresponds with your table centerpieces.  Favorite fairytale books, like the ones below are a great way to share a piece of you.  Bonus: They are excellent conversation starters!

7.  Food:  Now that your guests are seated, they might as well eat.  If a formal dinner isn't your thing, don't sweat it.  Serve up something more casual or have the dinner catered from your favorite restaurant.  Don't forget the options for signature cocktails or late night snacks like these mini tacos and margaritas.  YUM!


8.  Favors:  The possibilities for favors have become endless.  From sharing your favorite candies or treats at a candy bar to handing out wine with your photo on it, favors can really express the kind of couple you are together.  Try wrapping your guests in these cozy blankets with an embroidered reminder of your big day.


9.  Cake:  Besides picking the flavor(s) that most appeal to you, show some personality with your cake topper.  Whether you are goofy, serious, classic or rustic there is a cake topper for you.  Think outside the box on this one.  Most anything can serve as "the cherry on top" of your perfect cake.


10.  Guest book:  In the whirlwind of your big day, it is often hard to remember who was there to share it with you.  Forego the traditional book that will sit in a storage box never to be seen again for an inventive "book" that can double as art for your home.

11.  Instagram hashtags:  With social media at a high, take advantage of it to share your day with people near and far.  Create a hashtag on Instagram for all the iphone photographers at your wedding to share their experience.  It's always fun to see another persons point of view and you'll get your photo fix while you wait for the professional pictures.  #savvysistersincrockedmywedding


12.  Schedule to your likes:  Amid all the possibilities and fun ideas, don't forget to schedule the day to what suits you best.  If you aren't up for cocktail hour, skip it.  If an afternoon ceremony in your back yard followed by lawn games and fun music is more your thing, then go for it.  There are no rules.  The day is yours to be made 'marry'.  

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  1. I have been asked to do a wedding for my niece - literally at the last minute - less than a month away. Venue is a 3500 square foot cabin with outdoor wedding, weather permitting. She wants railings on a 60 foot porch draped .... what is best fabric; I.e., tuelle, organza, etc. HELP,,,