Monday, May 18, 2015

Mind your Social Media Manners


Throughout the years there has been many changes to wedding etiquette.  Choosing a more casual environment as opposed to your parents more strict, traditional wedding is one of the major changes. As a new wave of thinking and sharing moves forward with each new generation, so do our thoughts on etiquette.  Much of our new way of sharing can be attributed to social media.  The induction of social media in our lives has made a big splash in all major events and weddings are no exception. However, there are pitfalls to this socially advanced world.  We've compiled some tips to keep you from being sucked into the social media danger zone.

1.  VIPs Come First:  As excited as you may be to spread the news keep it under wraps until you have shared your joy with all the important people in your lives.  Please don't let your mom and dad find out about the proposal via Facebook.  Gasp!  Allow them to share in your happiness in person with a surprise visit or impromptu lunch.  Once you are sure you have celebrated with all the VIPs, share away with the rest of the world.

2.  Beware of Boasting:  Although your ring is gorgeous and you are very proud of it's perfectly clear, two karat, princess cut diamond other's will be less than impressed by all those details. Absolutely share a photo for all to see and a quick story of the sweet proposal.  The ring is an incredible gift and symbol of the love you and your partner share, but keep all the details to yourself unless asked.

3.  Stay Aware of the Over Share:  Going along with number two is the danger of over sharing.  It is so easy to get excited about this upcoming major event in your life and you should get excited.  Just be sure your excitement doesn't give too much away.  Do not flood Instagram and Facebook with photos of your ring, your dress,  your flowers, your invites and all the other details for the day. Instead, wow your guests and treat their eyes to the never before seen details you have put together for your big day.

4.  Don't be a Downer:  When planning a wedding many things can go wrong and inevitably some things will go wrong.  Roll with changes and keep your frustration on the down low.  Posting all your complaints on Facebook will only make people think you've lost sight of what really matters and who wants guests at their wedding that have been bit by their bad attitude bug anyway.

5.  Keep it Traditional:  In some cases, tradition still stands and sending out paper invites and thank you notes is one of them.  We may live in a technologically advanced society, but nothing beats a hand written note or a personal invite.

6.  The "Status" Quo:  There are no rules as to when you should or shouldn't change your Facebook status.  Many like to make the change immediately to announce their new title while other are less rushed to inform the world that they are now a Mrs.  There is no timeline for changing your marital status, so whichever you choose is perfectly okay.

7.  Hashtag your Happy Event:  With so many social media don'ts out there, we like to celebrate this definite do.  Create a fun and inventive hashtag for your bachelor/bachelorette party and your wedding day.  Put up a sign at your wedding that informs all your guests of your hashtag and have them Instagram away.  It is the perfect way to get a sneak peek at some wedding shots before the professional gets them back to you.  Also, your guests will capture many moments that you may have missed among all the chaos.

8.  Stay in the Moment:  The connection you keep on your big day should be to your newly named spouse, not to your phone.  Stay offline.  Allow your guests to create photo memories for you while you keep lasting moments in your mind.  You only get one chance to be in each and every moment, so live it up!


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