Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bridal Emergency Kit Must Haves


For all the DIY brides out there this kit is a definite must for your big day.  Filled with items to pull you out of a disaster and pieces to help you get through your day with ease, you won't want to miss this one.

Feel Better Fast
1.  Advil
2.  Benadryl (The fresh air and beautiful flowers can often leave you sneezing.)
3.  Tums (Don't let nerves get the best of you.)
4.  Band-Aids
5.  Eye drops
6.  Tampons (Timing isn't always on your side.)

Keeping Clean and Feeling Pretty
1.  Toothbrush and toothpaste
2.  Floss
3.  Chapstick
4.  Kleenex (Catch those tears before they ruin your make-up.)
5.  Nail file
6.  Nail clippers
7.  Lotion
8.  Deodorant
9.  Straws (Keep your lipstick on point by sipping through a straw.)
10.  Q-tips (Not just for the ears, you know.)
11.  Razor
12.  Wet wipes or hand sanitizer

Energy Boosters
1.  Granola bars or trail mix (Many brides forget to eat.  Don't be one of them.)
2.  Chocolates
3.  Water (Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.)

Last Minute Touch-ups
1.  Mints (K-I-S-S-I-N-G)
2.  Lint remover
3.  Wrinkle release spray (Especially important if you don't get ready on site.)
4.  Bobbi pins
5.  Shoe polish (The guys have emergencies too!)

Fast Fixes
1.  Safety pins
2.  Sewing kit (A quick stitch can save a button or a loose shoulder strap.)
3.  Hem tape or double sided tape
4.  Stain remover pen
5.  Chalk or baby powder (For those stain remnants mentioned in the last blog.)

Emergency Extras
1.  Sunscreen (Don't spend the day looking like a lobster.)
2.  Bug spray (Maybe the smell isn't pretty, but neither are 100 mosquito bites.)
3.  Umbrella (Because mother nature has her own agenda.)
4.  Ipod with playlists (Refer to Wedding Day Drama Averted blog.)

Put it all in a cute make-up bag or travel case and pack it with your day of goods ahead of time. Add the cute Keep Calm sign above to remind yourself of what is really important during those meltdown moments.

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